What’s Your ‘Hobie’?

Annual Turkey Regatta Division 3 Championship

Hobie Division 3 spans the northern half of California and is one of 16 divisions in the Hobie Class Association of North America. Turkey Regatta Division Championship Monterey Bay Division 3 & MPYC comes to Monterey Bay every year. It used to be held during Thanksgiving time, hence the name.

Check out some of the photos we took before their race this weekend.


Also check out this amazing photo of kayaker Karen “KC” Hatch as she photographs a Humpback whale in Moss Landing, California.

Photographer: Giancarlo Thomae

Kayaker Karen “KC” Hatch photographs her close encounter with a Humpback whale in Moss Landing. © Photographer: Giancarlo Thomae

Watch her interview coverage by CBS here.


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